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VDI/VDE 2651 Blatt 2

Plant asset management (PAM) in process industry - Specifications and methods

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Plant Asset Management (PAM) in der Prozessindustrie - Spezifikationen und Methoden

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Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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The standard introduces a plant asset management (PAM) specification sheet and a PAM methods sheet. Use and benefit of these sheets for users and providers are given and underlayed with many examples. The scope of the PAM specification and method sheets spread over the entire life cycle of a plant and supports the structured dialogue between users and providers on the basis of a standardised information exchange. The following aspects of PAM are considered: selection and procurement process; status and fault diagnosis; operational documentation; replacement; further optimisation. The standard is intended for users and providers of PAM in the process industry.

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