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VDI/VDE 3719

Manufacturing of mechatronic integrated devices (MID)

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Herstellung von mechatronisch integrierten Baugruppen (Mechatronic Integrated Devices, MID)

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Engl. VDE/VDI-Gesellschaft Mikroelektronik, Mikrosystem- und Feinwerktechnik
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MID technology enables the integration of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and thermal functions on a spatial circuit carrier. This enables assemblies with a high functional density and a considerable degree of miniaturization. At present, however, there are no generally applicable standards for the manufacture of MIDs that process managers and customers can use as a guideline. In a first step, this standard defines a consolidated point of view on the procedures for the production of reliable MID components. It is aimed at users and producers of mechatronically integrated assemblies.

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