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VDI/VDE 5596 Blatt 2

Optical design for manufacturing - Illumination optics, non-imaging and freeform optics - Optical surfaces

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Fertigungsgerechte Optikentwicklung - Beleuchtungsoptiken, nicht abbildende Optiken und Freiformoptiken - Optische Oberflächen

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Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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Clear communication at the intersection between optics design and optics production is important to ensure predictable function of optical components. This includes, in particular, a clear definition and specification of roughness. Often the properties of optical surfaces, specifically surface roughness, are not specified with sufficient precision in illumination optics. As a result, the optics produced often exhibit significant differences from the expected behaviour. This standard presents suitable procedures for specifying the roughness of optical surfaces of illumination optics and/or free-form optics (especially plastic optics), covering the entire range from optically smooth, non-scattering to scattering, rough surfaces. The standard is addressed to all those concerned with the roughness of optical surfaces in the development and manufacture of illumination optics and/or free-form optics (especially plastic optics), in particular to optics design, tool and mould making and optics production (moulding).

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