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VDI/VDE 5596 Blatt 3 - Draft Optical design for manufacturing - Illumination optics, non-imaging and freeform optics - Optical material parameters

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Fertigungsgerechte Optikentwicklung - Beleuchtungsoptiken, nicht abbildende Optiken und Freiformoptiken - Optische Materialparameter
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Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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In the optical design process of illumination optics, non-imaging optics and free-form optics (see VDI/VDE 5596 Part 1), simulations of the imaging properties play a central role. In order for these to provide realistic results, the optical parameters for describing the material properties must meet minimum requirements. The standard defines minimum requirements for the technical specification of the optical properties of materials so that they can be used appropriately for optical design. The spectral range of electromagnetic radiation visible to humans is taken into account. This standard is intended for all those involved in the design and manufacture of plastic optics, e.g. in the following areas and functions: optics design and simulation, construction, industrial design, tool and mould making, moulding/optics manufacturing, material suppliers, application or integration of freeform/plastic optics. Typical areas of application include the lighting industry, automotive industry, small devices with light elements, and many areas of technical optics.

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