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VDI/VDMA 5100 Blatt 1 System architecture for intralogistics (SAIL) - Fundamentals

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Systemarchitektur für die Intralogistik (SAIL) - Grundlagen
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This Standard describes a system architecture for intralogistics (SAIL). SAIL is a methodology, which describes the system levels for intralogistical systems, as well as their built-in functions and interfaces. The resulting SAIL model is completely platform independent. Contrary to the traditional top-down dismantling in plant levels, a paradigm shift, inspired by object-oriented programming, leads to the SAIL model. The procedure steps cover the primary plant dismantling according to functions and not to levels, the packaging of the found functions in components, the standardisation of the interfaces of the components and the supply of control components similar to available mechanism components. Summarised, SAIL offers a clear cost advantage with a high re-usability degree of the totally enclosed functions in all phases by reducing adaptation expenditure, higher standardisation, riper test degree and shorter start-up in industries.

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