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DIN EN 14790

Stationary source emissions - Determination of the water vapour in ducts - Standard reference method; German version EN 14790:2017

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Emissionen aus stationären Quellen - Bestimmung von Wasserdampf in Kanälen - Standardreferenzverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 14790:2017

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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
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This European Standard specifies the standard reference method (SRM) based on a sampling system with a condensation/adsorption technique to determine the water vapour concentration in the flue gases emitted to atmosphere from ducts and stacks. This European Standard specifies the performance characteristics to be determined and performance criteria to be fulfilled by measuring systems based on the measurement method. It applies to periodic monitoring and to the calibration or control of automated measuring systems (AMS) permanently installed on a stack, for regulatory or other purposes. This European Standard specifies criteria for demonstration of equivalence of an alternative method to the SRM by application of EN 14793:2017. This European Standard is applicable in the range of water vapour content from 4 % to 40 % as volume concentrations and of water vapour mass concentration from 29 g/m3 to 250 g/m3 as a wet gas, although for a given temperature the upper limit of the method is related to the maximum pressure of water in air or in the gas. In this European Standard all the concentrations are expressed at standard conditions (273 K and 101,3 kPa). This European Standard has been validated during field tests on waste incineration, co-incineration and large combustion plants. It has been validated for sampling periods of 30 min in the volume concentration range of 7 % to 26 %.

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