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VDI 2440 Emission control - Mineral oil refineries

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Emissionsminderung - Mineralölraffinerien
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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
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This standard applies to new plants for the production of mineral oil products from crude oils. It covers the use of intermediate products and condensates from the production of crude oil and natural gas and also encompasses storage and loading/unloading in the refinery sector. It does not apply to plants for the production of initial petrochemical products or for the processing of used oils. Mineral oil tank farms located away from refineries are covered in VDI 3479 and Claus plants in VDI 3454 Part 1 to Part 3. Information about emissions during storage, transport and shipping of oil products is provided. The text of this standard is further explained through images, tables and data.

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