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VDI 3464 Blatt 2

Emission control - Storage and handling of wood chips for energy use in the private and commercial sector - Requirements under environmental, health, and safety aspects

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Emissionsminderung - Lagerung und Umschlag von Holzhackschnitzeln für die energetische Nutzung im privaten und gewerblichen Bereich - Anforderungen unter Umwelt-, Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsaspekten

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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
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This standard describes measures to avoid and reduce possible hazards for the environment, the health of employees and residents as well as possible material damage (e. g. damage to the plant, loss of heating value) that may occur due to the storage and handling of woodchips at the producer’s and/or trader’s premises as well as delivery and storage at the end user’s premises. Areas of air quality, water protection, occupational health and safety and explosion protection are considered. Material damage and quality impairments relate both to the woodchip product and to damage to the storage facility caused by the storage of the woodchips. Requirements for the design and equipment of wood chip storage facilities, both as piles and in closed bunkers, are specified and recommendations for the production, quality, and delivery of the wood chips are established. The requirements of this standard apply exclusively to storage facilities with a maximum capacity of 2000 t absolutely dry and woodchips made from largely natural input/raw materials. Shredded wood (wood crushed by mechanical crushing, i.e. with blunt tools) is not considered. Deposits of woodchips intended for material use (e. g. wood-based material production, see VDI 3462 Blatt 2) are also not considered.

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