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Reliability methodology - Renewal processes

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Methoden der Zuverlässigkeit - Erneuerungsprozesse

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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The standard presents mathematical renewal processes. These are well applicable and relatively simple stochastic point processes. The renewal processes refer to a subject matter which is operated as long as possible and is immediately restored in the event of a failure. They are particularly suitable for modelling of systems that are operated with prognostics and health management; for modelling of systems that have reliability-adaptive characteristics; for calculating the distribution function, the probability density function, and the average duration until the failure MTTF for standby redundancy with a critical switch; for calculating the probability that a recoverable component is operative at a particular time; for calculating the probability that there is no failure of a recoverable component during a predetermined time interval; for planning the services of a subject matter before maintenance is completed; and for forecasting the occupancy of a maintenance unit before a failure occurs. The use of renewal processes allows for an analytical approach and an optimisation of computer-assisted numerical evaluations. In addition, complex systems can be modelled in their entirety, data paths can be displayed simply and vividly, the influences of individual parameters can be tracked and models be simplified.

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