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Project engineer in projects with external team members - Requirements for qualification

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Projektingenieur in Projekten mit Entwicklungspartnern - Anforderung an die Qualifizierung

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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Projects with development partners in a multiple business environment within the meaning of this standard are carried out in different forms of cooperation by development partners and/or suppliers. As a rule, the scope of the project exceeds the company limits. This especially increases social, technical and cultural problems and shows the special challenges of these projects. The standard can be used as requirements profile for engineers or project engineers working in practice who would like to reflect and further develop their own skills for projects in a multiple business environment in a generally recognised job profile. It serves as a selection basis for personnel developers who want to define requirement profiles for existing and future employees and establish practice-oriented personnel development concepts for project engineers working on projects in multiple corporate environments in business and technology, science, and administration. The standard can be used as a decision support for entrepreneurs, owners, managers in companies and research institutions who want to develop their own employees for project management tasks in a multiple company environment or who have to assess external project management competence for its applicability in projects in a multiple company environment.

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