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VDI Standards

Setting state-of the-art Benchmarks

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VDI-Standards: Setting state-of the-art Benchmarks

With its VDI Standards, the VDI e.V. supports all those who are faced with technical challenges in their daily work. As one of the most important standardisation authority, it publishes up to 250 VDI Standards per year. These are pioneering and practice-oriented technical regulations that set quality standards in many performing trades and all kinds of industrial sectors. They reflect the current state of the art - competently prepared by experts for experts.

More than 2,100 valid VDI Standards can currently be searched in the VDI Standards database. In addition to detailed information on the standards, the database also contains data on planned and reviewed VDI Standards as well as on withdrawals and notifications of withdrawal.

VDI guidelines provide solutions for processes and problems 

Every year the VDI e.V. publishes between 200 and 250 new or revised standards. Most of them are published in German and English. Their aim is to provide technical process and problem solutions that are easy and quick to implement. They are extremely practice-oriented in structure and offer practical checklists and useful tables. The VDI Standards are developed by engineers for engineers. Around 10,000 honorary experts from science, industry and public administration are involved. They set standards in more than 600 committees, which are coordinated in the VDI Technical Societies. This makes the VDI one of the most important standardisation authorities in Germany.

Feedback from experts is welcome

The VDI Standards are the result of an interactive process lasting several years. The advisory boards of the 53 VDI departments determine the topics. The experts work on the draft for a standard for about two to three years. The experts exchange information at regular meetings. Once the draft is approved, it is published. In a public objection procedure, criticism and suggestions for changes from the experts can be submitted.

VDI Standards Database