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VDI 2343 Blatt 1 - Entwurf

Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment - Fundamentals, terms, and definitions

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Recycling elektrischer und elektronischer Geräte - Grundlagen und Begriffe

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The sensitisation of experts and the public to environmental protection issues has led to new concepts in dealing with waste in recent years. The reasons for this are the emerging scarcity and depletion of important resources (e. g. rare earths), increased environmental pollution, climate change and the sometimes inadequate conditions in waste treatment, especially in African and Asian countries. Nevertheless, Germany has the largest volume of e-waste in a European comparison. Technical innovations, shorter product lives and constantly new devices and models at a relatively low price favour shortened usage cycles and thus higher waste volumes. Therefore, the series of standards VDI 2343 deals with the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. This includes the principles and terminology, logistics, disassembly, preparation techniques, Material and thermal recycling and removal, marketing and re-use of electrical and electronic equipment. This standard defines the terms that are necessary for working with the series of standards. In addition, a brief overview of the application of the materials and plastics classification is given.

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