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VDI 3392 Blatt 3

Trueing and dressing of grinding wheels - Trueing and dressing of grinding wheels with superabrasives (diamond, boron nitride)

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Abrichten von Schleifkörpern - Abrichten von Schleifkörpern mit hochharten Schneidstoffen (Diamant, Bornitride)

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This guideline is intended to provide assistance in understanding how the results of grinding can be specifically influenced by the selection of parameters and other important input variables in dressing. Guideline VDI 3392 Part 1 is primarily concerned with providing information about dressing. It also gives decision making aids indicating which dressing processes and tools would be appropriate for which grinding wheels and grinding materials, here taking into account the material of which the component to be ground is made of and the batch size of the component. Guideline VDI 3392 Part 2 deals with dressing conventional grinding wheels using the abrasives corundum and silicon carbide. The present guideline VDI 3392 Part 3 gives special information on trueing and dressing super abrasive grinding wheels using diamond and cubic boron nitride. Practical information is given regarding the initial design of a dressing operation and on maintenance and care of the dressing tool. The guideline is aimed at production engineers and machine operators to help them in designing processes as part of their work planning and preparation activities as well as in trouble-shooting and adapting or optimising existing processes.

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