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VDI 3975 Blatt 3 - Entwurf

Storages of hazardous substances - Operation of warehouses

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Lagerung von Gefahrstoffen - Betreiben von Gefahrstofflagern

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This standard describes the phases of construction and operation following the the planning and approval of a warehouse for hazardous substance. Accordingly the term "operate" is taken very broad: It includes not only the actual operation of the warehouse and its establishment on the basis of permits and licences; furthermore the possible future change, extension and decommissioning of hazardous material warehouses. "Operation" means all provisions and measures belonging to the secure operating sequence of a storage operation. This primarily includes organisational requirements, such as the organisational structure of the responsible persons, the operational structure of the physical check and the goods pass and the operating organisation that governs the particular responsibility of the workers. As far as technical equipment for processes (such as IT systems or automatic controls) are used, their function for the "operation" is also set out. The organisational planning is discussed in VDI 3975 Part 2. The standard describes the peculiarities in the operation of a hazardous material warehouse, the necessary steps and measures during the construction and commissioning of a warehouse, including operation and the associated operational arrangements. The standard can be used to plan, check and supplement operational measures in a hazardous materials warehouse. With any changes or enhancements in a hazardous materials warehouse, the standard contributes to correctly assess the consequences and the scope, and also to take the necessary steps. Necessary activities are listed for significant changes in structure or usage as well as for the cease of storage operation and the dispose of the storage installation (demolition and safe disposal). The standard lists a compilation of the main tasks and duties, as they are imposed on the operator of a hazardous substance warehouse - either if these provisions derive from legislation or from their own entrepreneurial requirements ("corporate philosophy"). The appropriate measures to protect people and the environment are described which are to be generated, implemented and constantly to be updated.

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