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VDI 4330 Blatt 3

Monitoring the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO) - Pollen monitoring - Technical pollen sampling using pollen mass filter (PMF) and Sigma-2 sampler

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Monitoring der Wirkungen gentechnisch veränderter Organismen (GVO) - Pollenmonitoring - Technische Pollensammlung mit Pollenmassenfilter (PMF) und Sigma-2-Sammler

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This guideline describes a procedure for the combined use of the deposition-type Sigma-2 sampler and the PMF to sample pollen. Collected samples are used to analyse pollen input with regard to species and amount, and percentage of transgenic pollen. The Sigma-2 sampler here provides a standardised sampling method for direct microscopic pollen analysis. Using the PMF yields sufficient amounts of pollen to carry out molecular-biological diagnostics. The essential background in order to understand this guideline is given in VDI 4330 Part 1 and Part 2. Pollen sampling using technical samplers for GMO monitoring should be directly related to the biological collection of honey by bees (VDI 4330 Part 4). The application of technical passive samplers and the use of honey bee colonies as active biological collectors complement each other in a manifold and positive way for monitoring of GMO through pollen. Whereas technical samplers provide results from the pollen input at the sampling site, the wide-ranging collecting activity of bees gives rise to a representative profile of flowering plants established in the area. By using these two sampling methods a broad range of pollen species is covered, as the methods complement each other with regard to the vegetation period, too. To draw conclusions on the origin of GMO further procedures, which are not mentioned here.

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