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VDI 5200 Blatt 3

Factory planning - Model for the design of global production networks

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Fabrikplanung - Phasenmodell zur Gestaltung globaler Produktionsnetzwerke

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard provides an overview of the subject area of the production network design and interfaces to factory planning. It describes a comprehensive phase model. This information could be particularly valuable to planners and decision makers in companies who have not previously developed their own approach methodology or have collected only limited experience in the subject area. This applies primarily to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). For experienced planners in larger organisations, it provides an overview of the topic and a way to reconcile the applied process models. For planners from neighbouring disciplines, such as factory planning and architecture, it provides an overview in compressed form of theory and practise. The selection of a site has become an increasingly global issue, since individual plants are often only a small part of global production networks. This standard describes a phase model for the design of global production networks. Companies can use the model to make decisions in sustainable site planning and reduce the occurring errors.

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