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VDI 5620

Reverse engineering of geometrical data

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Reverse Engineering von Geometriedaten

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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The description of potential application scenarios and the selection of each use case-oriented technology for 3D data acquisition and reconditioning are central to the description in the standard. Important terms are explained. The state of the art, the necessary qualifications of the user as well as the processes of 3D data acquisition and generation of digital product models are described with reference to the use cases. Particular technological characteristics (such as accuracy, speed and automation options, flexibility and mobility, software interfaces or contractual conditions and service), the user should consider when choosing the system, are described. In addition, interfaces to data management, trend-setting processes in the product life cycle and reverse engineering strategies are discussed. In this context, automation options are presented to improve efficiency. The generation of geometry data in machine and plant design, and not the reverse engineering of electronic components or software is addressed. Neither procedures are shown to determine the functional and manufacturing principles of products, nor assistance is given for the exact replica of CAD data modelled in the original product development phase.

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