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VDI 6012 Blatt 1.4

Integration of distributed and renewables-based energy systems in buildings - Fundamentals - Fixing of solar modules and solar collectors on buildings

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Regenerative und dezentrale Energiesysteme für Gebäude - Grundlagen - Befestigung von Solarmodulen und -kollektoren auf Gebäuden

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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The use of solar energy is increasingly an integral part of energy generation. Both for photovoltaics and solar heating many systems are available that in part greatly differ in appearance and design. A viable and reliable mounting of modules and panels on buildings is indispensable required and creates inter alia, the preconditions for a desired long period of operation of these systems. Different connection and fastening systems are used for this purpose in practise. By attaching solar panels on buildings, the modules and panels and the mounting systems are exposed to external influences, such as force effects caused by wind, snow and temperature fluctuations, or other weather conditions. Moreover, the existing structurally optimised building structure and its protective functions, e.g. from rain or fire, may be effected by individual attachment means. The standard provides help on a professional and proper construction and gives advice for a proper selection of available mounting systems and mounting means and, therefore, helps to ensure the intended design and use of a building and the operation of the solar system to be used.

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