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Catalogues in maintenance and management of medical devices - Fundamentals

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Kataloge in der Instandhaltung und Bewirtschaftung der Medizintechnik - Grundlagen

Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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A prerequisite for efficient device management and maintenance in medical facilities is a comprehensive recording of the actual situation of the device operation by means of a constantly updated data basis. Catalogues provide a systematic help by standardising and thus structuring similar content, data and conceptual worlds. The individual catalogues are presented in detail in the standard. Synergies by linking the catalogues and their data sets are pointed out. The standard provides the frame conditions for development, application and use of catalogues and provides support for the implementation of a standardised catalogue system in the maintenance and management of the medical technology. It applies to all medical products that are maintained and/or operated. The plant management processes of an organised management of medical devices, systematic analyses and benchmarks build on this foundation. The catalogues enable a process transparency and comparability common to all sectors of industry. The standard provides guidance to organisational administrators in health care facilities, management as well as the heads of the technical departments and information technology to design and implement a standardised data bank system. The standard is also addressed to the medical device manufacturers e.g. with support for the preparation of the medical device documentation.

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