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VDI-White Paper Rethinking the circular economy for plastics

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White Paper
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.

This paper is the result of a comprehensive dialogue process over about three years between experts from industry, science, NGOs and politics. It was initially published as a green paper at the end of 2021.

Following the comment period, primarily made use of by associations and organisations, the paper was presented in the present version as a white paper by the Round Table. The quality of the paper was further improved thanks to feedback from the discussions as well as changes made to individual points.

At VDI, we have discussed this challenge with all the participating stakeholders in the cycle, taking plastics as an example, and initially concentrating on the overarching and systemic issues. After all, the transformation to a circular economy will only succeed if not only individual technical solutions, but the entire “system” is geared to the production and use of high-quality recyclates from the outset.

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VDI-White Paper Rethinking the circular economy for plastics | English Version
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