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VDI 6600 Blatt 2

Project engineer - Requirements for qualification

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Projektingenieur - Anforderungsprofil an die Qualifizierung

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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One reason for the compilation of this guideline is the realisation that at present there is no clearly defined requirements profile for the qualification as a project engineer. This guideline thus defines the minimum requirements in terms of content and structure of a qualification as a project engineer. The basis for this is the occupational profile project engineer in accordance with VDI 6600 Part 1. This guideline provides orientation for: engineers working in practice who have compared their own skills with the generally acknowledged occupational profile project engineer defined in VDI 6600 Part 1 and would like to receive the corresponding qualifications personnel developers who want to compile and realise educational concepts and training measures for their technical and management staff who are to be deployed in the future as project engineers senior managers who want to develop their own employees for project management tasks and allow the acquired skills and abilities to be implemented The guideline points out the high requirements posed on a project engineer. In order to accept tasks in project work and bring them to a successful conclusion, the project engineer must acquire the following core competences: management competence, leadership competence, social competence, technical-methodical competence, personal competence. The basis for this is his technical knowledge.

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