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Jobsuche in Australien

Da in der vergangen Zeit das Interesse von deutschen Studenten und Ingenieuren an einem Aufenthalt in Australien stark gewachsen ist, hat der VDI-Freundeskreis Australien einige Informationen zusammengestellt, die für die Jobsuche in Australien hilfreich sein können (in englischer Sprache). Des Weiteren möchten wir Sie auf den kostenlosen Info- und Bewerbungsservice fürs Auslandsstudium von „IEC Online GmbH / International Education Centre“ hinweisen:




About Australia’s Employment Situation

Covid-19: International travel (australia.gov.au)

Getting short term or long term employment in Australia requires a work permit or visa. There is a whole range of visas of which the most common are sponsored visas and skilled visas.
The best way to get a permit is to have a sponsor and/or a contract of employment. This requires to apply with an Australian company for employment. 
For a skilled visa, the chance to get it granted is low when the job is not listed as a job in need. The Australian Government uses a point system by which jobs are prioritised by the market requirements. The higher the need for a particular job, the better the chance for a work permit.

Further details can be found here: Department of Home Affairs
Tax is in average 35% of total wages, it can be as high as 49%. For further information, please click here: Home page | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)
The publicly funded health care system Medicare covers the basic requirements for Australian citizens and permanent residents. The government authority Medicare Australia operates it. In addition, one might consider a health insurance.
Medicare - Services Australia
Retirement fund (Superannuation or Super)
For retirement the Government requires employers to pay a percentage of gross wages to a retirement fund. This percentage amounts to 10% for 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022, details see this link Super guarantee percentage | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)
Job search
In Australia, employment search can be conducted through search engines or recruitment agencies 

Selection of search machines:

Selection of engineering recruiters:

As Australian differ from German applications, the documents have to be adapted. Useful advices and templates can be found on job search machines webpages or in the World Wide Web. 

Further useful links: 
German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce: http://www.germany.org.au
Engineers Australia: http://www.engineersaustralia.org.au
Professionals Australia: About - Professionals Australia


We are pleased to help with contacts for students. Please send an email to australia@vdi.de